Sustainability Projects

We strive to create sustainable solutions that provide flexibility for our clients, but we also value sustainability outside of the IT environment. Therefore, a part of our annual turnover is spent on so-called Supros (sustainability projects). Specifically, this means that we support selected projects in form of donations. This includes e.g., the research of alternative energies, the recovery of forests in Africa, or simply classic development aid.

We promise, no additional costs on your side

We offer our services at standard market prices and we accept smaller margins and a slower growth in order to support sustainable projects. We follow this strategy for the sake of having a greater influence on future-oriented sustainability projects. This approach has been rooted in our philosophy since triscon was founded. As one of our clients, you will not be bothered by this topic at any time as we fully focus on your needs. However, if you have interest in the projects, we are happy to provide you with information material.

School sponsorships for children in Egypt

Triscon is providing a new school sponsorship for eight children in Cairo starting with July 2019. The project is carried out by the organisation Hilfswerk Sr. Emanuelle and donations are processed by the Caritas Steiermark Foreign Aid.

Sister Emmanuelle moved to the garbage village "Ezbet-El-Nakhl" in Cairo in 1971 to share her life with the garbage collectors. A lot has happened since 1971. Back then the children did not go to school. They had to help in the garbage collection to make money and many of them died at very young ages due to diseases caused by the unhygienic circumstances. Today, almost all children go to school with their parents’ support and they put emphasis on their school attendance. However, there are still many families who cannot afford to send their children to school. Therefore, the organisation Sr. Emanuelle is supporting those children by providing sponsorships to enable their school attendance.

© Hilfswerk Sr. Emmanuelle

School sponsorships for children in South Sudan

Triscon is providing a school sponsorship for four children in South Sudan since the beginning of 2019. The project is carried out by the organisation Hilfswerk Sr. Emanuelle and donations are processed by the Caritas Steiermark Foreign Aid.

The support goes to boys who were separated from their parents during civil war or whose relatives were too poor to take care of another child and therefore they just sent them away. The boys were picked up from the street and taken to the shelter called BE IN HOPE, a home provided by the Swiss partner ASASE, where foster parents take care of them. They attend school every day and they have to leave the home at the age of 18.

Education is the most sustainable good of our time.

© Hilfswerk Sr. Emmanuelle

Climate Protection

University of Natural Resources and Life Science in Vienna in their fight against climate change. Greenhouse gas (CO2) emissions can be compensated by climate protection projects. The funding of these projects promotes, on the one hand, the reduction of emissions and the retention of CO2, for example by afforestation of forests. This compensation system targets pilot climate change projects in Least Developed Countries with the focus on multiple aspects of sustainability.

Instead of doing just damage control, we want to support a positive trend in climate protection. Therefore, our support for the climate protection projects of BOKU exceeds the required amount for our self-compensation many times over.

Further infromation about the climate protection projects is available here.
The current projects involve:

The afforestation and regeneration of local forests in Nord Gondar (Ethiopia)

Forest protection and afforestation as a chance for local inhabitants (Nepal)

Decentralised composting in Addis Ababa (Ethiopia)

© University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences (BOKU)
© University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences (BOKU)