Performance matters.

Your Partner for Performance Engineering

„Speed is a competitive advantage”

Loading times up to one second allow a seamless flow of thoughts for your customers.

While online shopping, customers expect loading times below two seconds.

About 40 % of all customers cancel the ordering process during online shopping, if a website takes more than three seconds to load.

Get professional advice about performance and load testing.

Performance and Load Testing

Improve the speed, reliability and stability of your IT applications. We will be happy to advise you in all aspects, such as test product selection, performance analysis and reporting of results. On your go-live, your customers will travel smoothly on your digital roads.

Test Automation

Agile software development only leads to success in combination with agile test strategies. Continuous integration and DevOps do not fit into traditional test approaches. Test automation allows do perform quick and efficient quality assurance. We are pleased to help you reducing the amount of manual software tests to a minimum.

Software Engineering

Do you need additional ressources for software engineering? We are happy to implement projects for you, or as a part of your current team. We believe that performance and load testing should be carried out by software developers in order to get best results in term of quality assurance. Therefore, we also have the skills to build your front- and backend applications or design an app for your digital services. 

We build sustainable IT solutions for you

Let's achieve your individual goals together.

As we focus on sustinability, the emerging solutions are  

extendable, feature low maintenance costs and reduced dependencies.

We do not intend to bind you by building complex solutions, but rather convince you with their quality.

We measure our success by our clients' satisfaction