We love to make our customers even more successful.


We love to make our customers even more successful.

“To generate something great at your job, you do it with passion – or nothing at all.”

This quote from Peachy Garcia pretty much sums up the attitude and philosophy of the triscon team. We love to accompany projects in the area of ​​load and performance testing and application performance monitoring with zeal – not only to satisfy our customers, but to inspire them. Our best sense of achievement: making our customers even more successful in the long term than they already are. The following success stories show that this strategy is the right one.

How TWINFORMATICS uses Tricentis NeoLoad + Tosca to minimize effort required to reduce performance business risk

In today’s ultra-competitive insurance industry, potential customers and policyholders have zero tolerance for slow or buggy applications. They expect a fast, frictionless Amazon-like end-to-end digital experience — on any device, anytime, anywhere. If they don’t get it, they’ll look elsewhere. After all, the competition is only a click away. Markus Bonner leads the Release/Test Services department at Twinformatics and in his opinion performance testing is important to ensure that whatever we show our customers is really working and performing.”

Twinformatics started load testing with JMeter but found out that it required a lot of effort to create and maintain its test cases, which is why the decision to use Tricentis NeoLoad in the future was made relatively quickly.

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ITERGO: How Dynatrace empowers performance engineering teams to test at scale

As organizations develop more applications and microservices, they are discovering they also need to run more performance tests in the same amount of time or less to meet service-level objectives (SLOs) that fulfill service-level agreements (SLAs). But because of the complexity involved in executing and analyzing test results of dynamic systems, performance engineering is difficult to scale — especially with lean staff or resources.

The triscon CEO Roman Ferstl and Dynatrace Activist Andreas Grabner explain how organizations can address this process bottleneck and run more tests in less time.

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ITERGO automates critical Citrix performance testing

Working with triscon since 2017, ITERGO has been able to transform its performance testing into a modern, highly automated practice. ERGO understood that to retain its leadership position in the ultra-competitive insurance industry, introducing innovative services and ensuring digital performance were crucial. Like every large enterprise, ITERGO had a lot of different testing requirements: both monolithic enterprise applications (like SAP) and microservice-based architectures, both end-to-end testing and API testing, etc. ITERGO realized that if it kept doing things the way it had always done them, it would not be able to keep pace with the accelerated volume, velocity, and variety of software releases.

In 2021, the Citrix-virtualized application that ITERGO needed to test was PROKEY, a business-critical document-classification application that streamlines manual entry of tens of thousands of pages of documents every day. Application performance is crucial, as up to 250 ERGO personnel use the application, and any slowdown would erode operational efficiency and potentially impact customer service.

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WienIT GmbH: WienIT etabliert Performance Testing als Service und sichert damit das digitale Erlebnis von Strom- und Öffi-Kunden in Wien & Umgebung

nur in Deutsch verfügbar / only available in German

Schon vor einigen Jahren hatte Maximilian Bauer, Head of Software Quality Services bei WienIT, automatisierte, funktionale End-to-End-Tests eingeführt. Dabei zum Einsatz kam und kommt bis heute Tricentis Tosca. Als Anfang des Jahres 2022 in der SAP-Umgebung die Migration auf S/4HANA anstand, war es an der Zeit, die interne Software-Test-Pyramide bei der WienIT um eine weitere, wichtige Komponente zu erweitern: Last- und Performancetests.

Performance Testing anzubieten war das eine, die eigenen Kunden zu überzeugen, dieses Service auch zu nutzen, das andere. Es sei zu komplex und kompliziert und die Ergebnisse würden nur wenig aussagen – so der anfängliche Tenor. Skepsis herrschte vor. Eine Skepsis, die das triscon-Team optimal zu zerstreuen verstand.

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Government of Upper Austria: triscon supports the government of Upper Austria at project “Housing and Energy Cost Bonus 2023”

In order to help the residents of Upper Austria in times of sharply rising energy and heating costs, the Upper Austrian government decided to provide a total amount of 75.5 million Euros available in the form of a “housing and energy cost bonus” at the beginning of 2023. This bonus should primarily help families with children and single parents to absorb the skyrocketing prices for heating and energy.

It quickly became clear that the application process not only had to be as simple, swift and uncomplicated as possible for the affected households, but also stable and reliable. For this reason, the triscon team was brought in to this exciting project with its expertise in the area of ​​load and performance testing.

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