Performance and Load Testing

By carrying out performance and load tests you can ensure the speed, stability and reliability of your IT applications and digital services. Your system administrators should not have to panic if you expect many users rushing in on your digital roads, such as your online banking software, your insurance portals or your web shops. Down times or high response times can frustrate your customers and lead them to your competitors. There are plenty of load testing tools on the market which address these problems. Which tool suits your individual needs best and how can you use it in the most efficient way?

We accompany you from the very first idea until Go-Live

We can support you independently of the current progress in your projects and independently from your level of knowledge about performance and load testing.  It does not matter whether you start thinking about load tests for the first time or if you already set up a whole load test infrastructure. We start right off at your current position and we help you to significantly improve the quality of your IT components. On our joint mission, we pursue the stages below in order to accomplish your goals. During this process we will determine and consider your individual needs in order to find the best long-term solution.

Choosing the "right" load testing tool

"Don't buy a pushcart, if you need a juggernaut..."
"...also, don't buy an excavator to dig over your kitchen garden."

It is easy to lose sight in the long list of performance and load testing tools that are available on the market. There are products from key-players with corresponding license costs, but there also exist open-source tools which are already established for years. If you plan on performing your own load tests, we can help you choosing the product which suits your needs best. In order to do so we take the followings facts into account.

Your Goals: You simply want to be faster than your competitors? Do you want to avoid any down times of your application?

Your Test Strategy: Are you planning to execute load tests only once or on a regular basis for multiple projects? 

Your Infrastructure: Lift things into the cloud or better stay on-prem? 

Your Technologies: Are your target systems mostly Windows- or Unix-based? Are you using Java or Microsoft technologies?

Your Autonomy: Do you plan on training your staff to execute load tests yourself or do you simply want to "have it done" by us?

Your Budget: Are you looking for a very low-cost solution or do you plan on reaching new heights in quality assurance?

Find the performance bottleneck!

Setting up the test infrastructure

In general, most performance and load testing tools can be divided into dedicated components for load generation, test design or execution and reporting. The amount of load generating components (load generators) depends on how much load you need in order to make reliable statements about the quality of your applications. We are happy to evaluate the best decisions for you, when setting up the test infrastructure.

Do you want to simulate load from the internet or do you want to test software components that are only accessible behind firewalls in your corporate network?

There are a few things to consider when setting up the test infrastructure. We will build the infrastructure for you by taking into account all of your requirements. This way you will obtain a long-term solution for executing performance and load tests.

Designing and executing load tests

As soon as the test infrastructure is set up load test can be carried out for various projects. However, test goals have to be defined and considered in the test design for each individual project. We can guide you through this process or completely take care of it for you. One of the most important things during the test design phase is the choice of the right test method.

Keeping your test scripts up to date can be very time consuming. We attach great importance to provide solutions for this problem and to keep the maintenance costs low. If you use agile software development strategies it is significant that software testing and quality assurance can keep pace. We know the right tool for adapting and executing your tests with high frequencies!

You want to improve the skills of your own staff?

On request, we are happy to work together with your IT staff to pass on our knowledge while performing load tests for you. If you are looking for trainings regarding explicit topics about testing, we are also happy to come by. Feel free to contact us for further details.

The best test method for your individual goals

Load Test - Do concurrent users cause errors in your application? What hardware resources do you need and what response times can users expect from your application? 

Stress Test- How do your systems behave during and after an extensive amount of load? Which system component is the weakest link in the chain?

Endurance Test- Do your applications continually reduce available system memory which may result in crashes and down times (memory leaks)? 

Performance Test - Do the actual response times meet the goals defined in the Service Level Agreement? How is each component performing individually? 

Scalability Test - What happens to the response times if the load is gradually increased?

Sizing Test - Are your hardware systems undersized or even oversized? Maybe you can even save some costs by reducing the resources?

Fail-Over Test - How do your applications and systems behave if a redundant component is unavailable or crashes?