Our team has proved that work and vacation can be combined.


Our team has proved that work and vacation can be combined.

Work and Vacation can be combined

Our team dared to realize project Workation

The first triscon workation recently ended. What began as an idea from our founder and managing director Roman Ferstl to duly celebrate the company’s five-year anniversary, has gained more and more shape over the past few months, until our team finally boarded the plane in mid-June 2023 to set off for Italy. To be more precise, to Monte Sant’Angelo, where we moved into the luxuriously furnished Villa Simone Charming Puglia for an entire week.

Arriving and acclimating

Once we arrived at our accommodation, we set up our workstations and IT so that we could work with them as usual. After this was done, we finished the first day relaxing in the private pool before we went on a road trip from Monte Sant’Angelo via Mattinata and Portogreco to Vieste the next day.

Roads are made for journeys

Thereby we were able to enjoy the wonderful sea view from the coastal road, until we finally made a stop at Chiancamasitto Beach to do a snorkeling session. After that we went to the sandy beach of Lido Tre Stelle, where we could roast in the sun and cool off in the perfectly tempered sea. In the evening we had a cozy barbecue in our villa to strengthen us for the upcoming work week.

The working part of Workation

On Monday, at 8 a.m. sharp, we were ready to take care of our customers as usual. After a short period of getting used to the changed framework conditions, we started working as we always did, with the only difference being that we allowed ourselves a refreshing dip in the pool in between and after work. We kept it that same way on the following working days, on which we usually closed our laptops around 4 p.m. in order to carry out leisure activities together afterwards.

Our joint leisure activities

For example, we climbed the summit of Monte Saraceno, which enabled us to have a wonderful view over the Bay of Mattinata and the Apulian coast. We also visited the nearby town of Monte Sant’Angelo, where we not only went to the famous cave church of San Michele, but also let ourselves be amazed by a traditional spectacle that took place as part of the Festa di Sant’Antonio. We also did a half-day boat tour that took us past various beaches of the Gargano and the famous rock arch.

The grand finale: Bari

Our workation week concluded with a visit to the important port and university city of Bari, the capital of the Apulia region. We were particularly impressed by the diverse architecture of the city, which developed through centuries of occupation by Arabs, Normans and other nations. Besides, the ice cream at Martinucci wasn’t to be despised either 😉

Time to say goodbye

With a smile on our faces we finally started our journey home towards Vienna – knowing that our experiences and shared moments would never be forgotten.

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